San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The plaza has shady flowering trees, and the buildings are all mud brick with mountains peeking over them.


Magic Realism in Cartagena

After a day on Isla Baru,

I walked home from a cazuela, a coconut seafood stew, stopping a cigarette vendor. I declined his offer of coca, as a Transformer and a Stormtrooper passed us. Now I’m sitting under this art in my hostel’s garden.

This is, after all, Gabriel García Márquez’ home town. After visiting Cartagena, his friend concluded, “You’re just a notary without imagination”.


This is Fermina’s house viewed from the plaza in which Florentino sat, in Love in the Time of Cholera.

The Israel Museum 

The highlight of the museum was its display of fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls. There was a 250 000 year old human skull, and I love this ancient horny devil.

We found these treasures from Nahal David and Ein Gedi, where we’ve just been. The ibex figures and bracelets pale next to the first century Pyrex bowl.

This is the oldest mask ever found.

These inscribed burial ossuaries took the cake.

This was created by winding black and grey thread around pin heads.

The bohemian suburb of Ein Karem is near the museum.