The Packing List

For the first leg of my trip, I carried only a 35 litre backpack, which weighed between 4 and 5 kilos. On travel days, I complained it was too heavy. However, I enjoyed being comfortable in temperatures between 7 and 33 degrees celsius, so I’ll probably carry much the same on my legs with my friend Marie on the Trans Mongolian Railway, with my sister-in-law in North and Central America, and solo in South America.

For my own reference when travelling in the future, I’ve listed the clothes I’ll pack.

2 oufits: 2 long sleeved shirts, 2 bottoms (1 skirt, 1 pants), 2 socks (1 thick, 1 hose for skirt days), 2 shoes (1 covered, 1 water sandals), 2 undies, 2 bras (1 a bikini top)

warm layers: 1 leggings, 1 tee, 1 puffy jacket

swimming: shorts

rain gear: $2 poncho (never used on the last leg)






The Plot 

Devilishly dashing Mick is my mentor. He’s on his third gap year. He is also my accomplice in rut avoidance.

I gathered long service leave, leave without pay and all of my savings for a year of consumption without production. My goals are to tick off bucket list destinations, and to enjoy my small but trusty band of loved ones.

So far, I’ve caught up with friends and family, and witnessed my last baby entering the adult world of university.

I hope to follow this route first.


Later in the year, I might mop up my personal world map thus.