Egyptian Tombs 

Our first stop was Saqqara, where the pyramids predate those at Giza.  We could see eleven pyramids from this spot.

The sand around the tombs was littered with ancient pottery.

We walked, crouching, into a pyramid. The tunnel was lined with hieroglyphics, and a granite sarcophagus in the chamber was surrounded by coloured patterns and pictures.

On the way from Saqqara, we ate charred chicken and baba ganoughe at this palmerie.


As well as the sphinx and pyramids at Giza, there was a huge solar boat found in a pit.

Then we returned to Cairo, passing donkey carts and flocks of sheep, to watch passersby, such as the cycling vendor balancing a tray of bread bigger than himself on his head, as he weaved between speeding cars to cross the road.