Kumasi, Ghana

We are staying at Daddy’s Lodge. The building used to be the Kumasi Clinic, run by the owner’s father, doctor to the expats when we lived here in the sixties. The owner kindly drove us around the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where we lived. This was our house and garden.

Below is the Mechanical Engineering Department where Dad worked and the university  entrance, which is shaped like an Ashante stool.

Kumasi is the same as it was when we lived here. It has flowering trees, banana and palms. The  young women in vividly patterned fabrics carrying loads on their heads and babies on their backs, the old women sweeping with a handful of twigs and the tropical, earthy smell are familiar. Many people get water from the public tap, and earn a living from  meagre stalls, often next to open sewer drains. Despite this poverty, education, health services and food are available to all, and people are very friendly.


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