I’m a Grey Gappie

I’ve been looking forward to this year, and think a blog might be the way to communicate with loved ones.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Grey Gappie”

  1. Your journeying has taken you close to my paternal ancestral home of Zahle, Lebanon, where my grandparents and Dan’s great grandparents Abraham and Minnie, having courage, belief and a desire for a better life, left in approx 1885 to emigrate to Australia. Your pictorial journey is very educational and thought provoking and I wonder once again, as I have over the years, what it was like in my grandparents day. Regards Allan


    1. What a fascinating family history! We have remarked that the Griffin branch would be mistaken for locals here. We’ve greatly enjoyed the warmth and hospitality of people we’ve encountered here in the Middle East.


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